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Hewado Smart Digital Weight Scale for Body, Digital Bathroom Scale with Measurement tape, Weight Limit 180kg


  • OKOK International smart app works in connection with fitness apps. Easy setup app works with Fitbit App, Google Fit. Hewado already has millions of happy global users.
  • 13 essential body measurements. The scale shows body weight only. Other body composition data including weight, BMI, body fat percentage stores in the app.
  • User-friendly app. Download OKOK International app at App Store or Google Play, it also offers Apple Watch App (Except for Apple Watch Series 1). OKOK International App works with Bluetooth 4.0 And above.
  • High-Quality Innovation. Auto calibration, high precision sensors measure in increments of 0.2 lb, 0.05 kg with 396lbs, 180kg capacity. 4 high sensitive electrodes.
  • Monitor your progress. OKOK International connects with the apps to help motivate toward your goals, save historical data, and track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress.
  • Smart Digital Weight Scale for Body
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Smart Digital Weight Scale for Body

Smart Digital Weight Scale for Body In the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, tracking and managing our body weight is of utmost importance. A smart digital weight scale with a measurement tape is a powerful tool that not only provides accurate weight measurements but also offers additional features to help you monitor and analyze various aspects of your health. In this descriptive piece, we will explore the features, benefits, and importance of owning a smart digital weight scale with a built-in measurement tape.

Section 1:

Cutting-Edge Technology A smart digital weight scale with a measurement tape utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver precise and reliable weight measurements. Equipped with high-precision sensors, these scales ensure accuracy and consistency, allowing you to track your weight with confidence. The built-in measurement tape provides an additional dimension to your health monitoring, allowing you to measure your waist, hips, arms, and other body parts to track changes in your body composition.

Section 2:

Body Composition Analysis One of the key benefits of a smart digital weight scale with a measurement tape is its ability to provide a comprehensive analysis of your body composition. In addition to weight measurements, these scales can calculate body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone density, and even water weight. This information is invaluable for understanding your overall health and progress towards your fitness goals. By tracking changes in body composition over time, you can make informed decisions about your diet, exercise routine, and overall wellness.

Section 3:

Measurement Tape Features The built-in measurement tape is a valuable addition to the smart digital weight scale. It allows you to conveniently measure various body parts, providing insights into changes in your body shape and size. You can track waist circumference, a key indicator of abdominal fat, which is associated with an increased risk of health issues. The measurement tape also enables you to monitor changes in other areas of your body, such as arms, thighs, and hips, providing a holistic picture of your progress.

Section 4:

Data Tracking and Analysis Smart digital weight scales with measurement tapes are often equipped with connectivity features, allowing you to sync your data with a companion mobile app or other fitness tracking platforms. This integration enables you to track and analyze your weight and body composition over time, set goals, and monitor your progress with ease. Some advanced models even provide graphical representations and trends, allowing you to visualize your health journey and make data-driven decisions.

Section 5:

Personalized Insights and Goal Setting A smart digital weight scale with a measurement tape can provide personalized insights based on your measurements and goals. It can help you set realistic targets for weight loss, muscle gain, or overall wellness. By tracking your progress and receiving actionable feedback, you can stay motivated and make adjustments to your lifestyle as needed.


A smart digital weight scale with a measurement tape is a valuable tool for anyone on a health and fitness journey. It combines accurate weight measurements with body composition analysis and measurement tracking, providing a holistic view of your progress. With connectivity features and personalized insights, this smart device becomes an indispensable companion, empowering you to take charge of your health and achieve your goals. Invest in a smart digital weight scale with a measurement tape today and embark on a transformative health journey.


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